The optimal sound for your upcoming project

Custom Beat

You are an ambitious artist and want a beat that fit to your sound but

  • the beat should never  have been leased before
  • the beat should never been heard from somebody before
  • you want a professional work with the producer

Then a custom Beat is for you!!!

Depending on the sound you are aiming for and your song ideas that need to be included, the beat will be produced completely from scratch. Sample-based beats can also be produced. However, the clearing of the sample is required by the artist prior to distribution.

Fill out the contact form and feel free to give me some information about the style you are aiming for. Name some examples or other details that help me to understand your vision of the song. It would also help to add some references of your own music to determine whether or not I am the right producer for your project and if we are, what the costs for our work are going to be. I am looking forward to getting in contact with you and work together on an amazing project!



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Mixing and Mastering

You are an ambitious artist and need the best possible sound but you don´t know how to deal with all these plugins, buttons. Or you have some experience but are still not satisfied by the result you achieve. 

Then contact me to talk about the Mix and Mastering of your project (Beat, Song, EP, LP)!!!

What is Audio Mixing? 

Audio mixing is the process of taking the raw recorded instruments and vocals and blending them together to achieve the best possible individual sound . The tracks are  manipulated and processed by different techniques such as Level balancing, EQ, Compression, Reverb and more.

What is Mastering? 

Mastering is a process where a master copy for all following replicates is created by processing the prior described audio mixing stereo file. The mastering ensures the consistency of the sound between different songs in one project by



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Produced, Mixed and Mastered by NOA